Amy robach dating

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To the public, Pamela is yet to make mention of any possible boyfriend.

She doesn’t have any children although her fans would probably wish to know if she plans on having some in the future.

He constantly asks validation from his co-workers about his work.

There are news about his behavior in the Good Morning America set and rash behavior with his co-workers including his writers.

He had many issues with women including Lara Spencer with whom he clashed for insignificant issues like the way the Good Morning America show should move. At present, he is seen with his girlfriend, Liz Cho, a WABC-TV anchor.

After Liz’s marriage fell apart and divorce was filed, she started dating Josh.

She has a gorgeous body with a striking face but for now, her career is taking the lead.

Being in her early 30s however, there is plenty of hope that she will one day get married and have children of her own.

Her main focus for no is to bring to life different stories around the word and she has been quoted as saying that ten years from now, she would still like to be on CNN telling her stories.

The couple has a daughter together named Sarine Elliott and Priya has the primary custody of the daughter.

He left his wife very shortly after Sarine was born. His parents got divorced when Elliot was 12 when his father announced that he was gay. It is said that Josh Elliott has issues with every woman except Robin Roberts because he has high respects for her because of her earlier stints, in ESPN.

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