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The last thing you want is for your viewers to crash the stream because you’ve run out of bandwidth, so let’s look at platforms that support unlimited viewers.

In our view, here are the three best options: You Tube is the top choice so long as you do not have copyrighted content and you’re ad-free.

Often, the venue will be able to run you an XLR from their house mixing booth; if you run this into your camera, you’ll be able to capture all speakers exactly as they’re being output in the venue.

Just in case, make sure you bring your audio adapters, an extra XLR run, and (if possible) a wireless lavaliere transmitter and receiver set. In order to determine the correct live streaming platform for your event, ask yourself these questions: With a public event, you are hoping for as many viewers as possible.

Either way, you’re broadcasting in full HD and you’re not going to miss a single second!

Premium accounts, which allow you to embed the stream on your website, cost 9/month billed annually or 9/month monthly.

If you’re using a USB webcam, you are probably planning on broadcasting webcasts or webinars that offer training or online learning courses.

Chances are, you’re expecting a concurrent audience - that is, viewers simultaneously watching your live stream - of fewer than 100 people.

While you can broadcast from a 4G/LTE connection, streaming consumes your data very quickly.

Check your bandwidth by using Speed Test, and run the test multiple times to get a better sense of your average upload speeds.

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