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The Book of Jubilees is an extensive rewriting of the Book of Genesis and the beginning of Exodus (until Chapter 14).

The additions made to the biblical text include- attributing observance of Jewish laws to the patriarchs, placing certain teachings of law and ethics in the mouths of the patriarchs, and explanations of events in the biblical text.

Those portions of the text which have been preserved cover the period from Lamech to Abraham.

Unfortunately, a large part of the text has deteriorated and cannot be read.

As similar material was found at Masada, whose inhabitants seem to have practiced Pharisaic law, these types of texts are assumed to have been popular amongst Second Temple Jewry in general.

The apocryphal literature discovered at Qumran is important for several reasons.

Tobit The Book of Tobit was discovered at Qumran in four fragmentary manuscripts of the Aramaic original and one Hebrew adaptation.

The discovery of the books of Enoch at Qumran has demonstrated that the parts of this book were originally separate collections.

Jubilees The Book of Jubilees was found in twelve manuscripts at Qumran.

The theology and halakhah of the Book of Jubilees, while sharing some aspects with the Qumran sect, diverge from it in many places.

It is not possible to identify the author of Jubilees with any of the sects of the Second Temple period.

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