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Since 2010, hundreds of inquisitive people from as far away as Peru, Argentina, Malaysia and Australia have made the journey to donate their time and efforts to the project, with people in their hundreds of thousands also visiting as tourists to see the progress of the project for themselves.

But can all of these people, like Osmanagic, be suffering from a shared delusion, mistaking naturally formed hills for giant pyramids?

Zahi Hawass, archaeologist and later becoming “Egyptian Minister of Antiquities,” released a statement in June of 2006 in which he strongly criticised Osmanagic and his Pyramid hypothesis.

Giving his reasons, Hawass referred to several large blocks that had been excavated by the research teams, explaining that “No one can say that these stones were transported by human beings since each weighs approximately 40 tons.” Hawass’s explanation for the blocks and the pyramid shaped hill was to be that Osmanagic must be “hallucinating” [2], denying the existence of any pyramids in Bosnia.

The exception is the South West corner of the Sun Pyramid, having become eroded in recent times, possibly due to the presence of an abandoned quarry where material was extracted from.

The strong outer casing of the ancient giant pyramid structure was used in order to build the now ruined medieval fortress at the top of the Sun Pyramid, where Bosnian royalty once resided.

Waking Times In October of 2005, international media covered a sensational story of a man claiming to have discovered a group of huge, previously unknown ancient Pyramids in Europe. Semir Osmanagic, made the fantastic announcement to journalists that he had found the biggest and oldest pyramids in the world and incredibly they were to be found buried in the most unlikely of places… The ancient structures, Osmanagic explained, were buried in the hillsides surrounding a small sleepy town called Visoko, located 25km North-West of the Bosnian Capital, Sarajevo.

Here then below are nine cases of evidence that support Osmanagic’s grand Bosnian pyramid theory, which remain unaddressed by those who stand against the existence of Pyramids in Bosnia.Because of the shear size of the site, as it stands today the meticulous work undertaken by Dr Semir Osmanagic has resulted in less than 1% of the Pyramidal structures to have been so far uncovered, leaving much of the evidence which would support Osmanagic‟s theory still buried beneath the soil.With limited financial backing from the local Bosnian government, Osmanagic relies substantially on an international team of volunteers which make their way to Visoko each summer to assist with the excavations.Unique however to the Visoko complex is the fact that the three main Pyramids each have one of their sides built into the landscape surrounding them, providing an “access plateau‟ to their peaks, which is unlike the common “free-standing” pyramid design seen elsewhere around the globe.Confirmation of the Bosnian Pyramids exactitude with geographic North has been obtained by both topographic mapping and satellite imagery. Amer Smailbegovic using the “Automated Linear-Anomaly Detector” satellite system, used for measuring tectonic lineaments, confirmed break angles of 43.822 degrees ( /- 1.6) at three of the undamaged corners (Figure 2).

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