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Sometimes we will fail Him and not meet His expectations.Rather than despair, we return to those truths and beg God to stamp them deeper into our hearts.If we are to meet God’s expectations for us at every moment, we must have unshakable faith in these truths: “God knows me and all that I am going through now.He knows the good that I can do with His grace and the evil that I can endure and overcome with His grace.” Such a faith must be backed with a convicted resolution not to disappoint Him by the help of His grace.

Elizabeth is now 28 years and she is a public speaker, a passionate and effective advocate for abuse prevention, bringing hope and courage to those who are facing abuse.” but we never ask, “Why do good things happen to me? ” of the bad moment partly because we are trying to meet the expectations of everyone else but God’s.God has made us in His image and likeness and for Himself, He has redeemed us in His Son Jesus Christ as His children, and has given us a participation in His Spirit of goodness.God knows well the good that they could do with His grace as well as the evil that they could endure and overcome with His grace.The rich man disappointed God till the end of his life while Lazarus met God’s expectation.

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