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In the years following Houdinl's death, his, wife received hundreds Tuesday from 9 a. The right conditions include having the right medium to receive messages from the spirit world. until 1936 by Houdinis wife, and by his brother1, Hardeen. Houdini abandoned all efforts to communi supernatural occurrences, once again will find ghost hunters sitting in mystic seance rooms and seeking positive contact with the The proposed 1,000-seat audito Tirsys yfri Tfji ya'y; Vi rs'yi 'ys s w yj rium will make possible the presentation of an increased number of cultural and recreational pro spirit of Houdini, the world's most grams for both children and adults. Ten years is long anough to wait for any man," she said. need for auditorium space in the central Miami negro district, B. Operating from offices at 206 a- troit last year previously failed to appear at seances held every year NEW YORK, Oct. OP) Halloween, a day associated with Hindman, assistant director of in Coral Way In Coral Gable tne struction of the Dade county 4 3: unit there will be open daily ex 3D c HKBH school board, said yesterday.

In his proclamation Mayor Phillips said: "Whereas, today and tomorrow. V) Attorney General Tom Watson today ruled sightless operators of vending stands sponsored by the Florida council for the blind are not state employes and are Ineligible for state retirement benefits. An additional 3,463 cases have been reported in Florida this year, he said. On l ues day the unit will be open from 10 JP Photo AFTER TI11S, SHE GAVE UP Hollywood, Cal., Oct. If the magician's spirit had returned, the handcuffs in the hands of the late Edward Saint, right, would have snapped open. Fleming, head of the Pacific Coast Magicians assn., at the time.

New Auditorium Aids Dixie Park Completion of the negro youth Of the largest selection of beautiful Tropical ?

10 ate such machines, such an activity is too remote from authorized activities to bo justified under the law," the attorney general said.

&, 194 Milledge To Open Legal Clinic Series First of a series of legal clinics, 100,000 Are Sought For Operation X-Ray "Operation X-ray" in which county health officials will Gables Proclaims Marine Corps Day Marine Corps day has been pro sponsored by Dade County liar assn. The mechanics of the X-ray does not require taking off any clothing, he explained.

His lecture will treat on trusts by operation of law and mortgage i through units in Miami, Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Dade county clinic' and Coconut Grove. as for thousands of yesterdays, the marines stand as sentinels at the Sponsored jointly through the gate, ever ready to protect the integrity of our nation and to preserve the peace. I earnestly Judge Milledge, urge each citizen to appropriately former president observe this day and honor this; great fighting organization ..." Milledge of the Dade bar and a member of the board of governors of the state bar, has lectured before the state Watson Bans 2 Plans For Aiding Blind TALLAHASSEE. Cato urged that all Miamians take advantage of the free offer so that the fear of tuberculosis can be reduced if not eliminated.

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