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She grabbed on as hard as she could and couldn’t believe how hard and big my dick was.I just kept banging that juicy bubble butt with her kneeling over the toilet seat with her tits dangling until I got tired of the position and made my babe get in missionary, with her long legs spread wide open and her dripping wet snatch ready for more cock!Not a bad incentive to ensure you get your 3DS when it launches, especially since it's already predicted to be a pretty hot-ticket item this Spring.I have baby on 3DS and this is how you do it you need to get married by the romantic thing then put your chacter and husband/wife put them o the bed click relax then it says cuddle click taht and then says try for a baby and thats how you have a baby on the 3ds I don't think you can have a baby on ninento 3DS sims 3, but you can woo hoo: when you and your boyfriend are able to make out, you can go to your bed and it has to be a double bed, you can relax on it, and call over your boyfriend.Select that, and if they aren't hungry, tired, or have to used the toilet, they will start to cuddle.

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After that you will have a little button come up that says try for baby what you do is your sims has to be in the mood and if you hear a lullaby shes pregnant I am completely confused some people say they can have kids and others don't I think you can because on the booklet that comes with the game says you can grow a family but I have tried every possible way and I don't think it is possible, First, you have to make sure that neither of the sims are hungry, tired, or have to use the toilet.

Next, you need to get them both in the flirty mood by making them flirt, kiss, hug, make out (yes they can do that in public).

While the launch date and price for the Nintendo 3DS were just announced yesterday, Walmart is already jumping on the preorder bandwagon bundling the console with a free case.

Starting today, when you preorder the Nintendo 3DS (0) through Walmart's website, you'll get the Nintendo-licensed case shown here for free, which goes for if bought separately.

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