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The ‘bad old days’ of the 1970’s – 1980’s Well things were definitely bad prior to the 1970’s (read this essay by famous meteorologist Joanne Simpson).

I didn’t emerge onto the scene until the 1970’s; here a few personal anecdotes, to give you a flavor, in roughly chronological order: Apart from this litany, I was without any female role models or mentors until I arrived at the University of Colorado in 1992.

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But at some point, I realized that this wasn’t just about me — what I saw was adversely affecting other females (students, postdocs and future faculty hires).I complained to the Dean — I later heard that he told a male faculty member that ‘this is just a case of a female faculty member complaining about that stuff because she really isn’t good enough to be here.’ I finally found someone in the higher administration who would listen to me — an assistant provost who was an African American — and I provided him with the full dossier.He conducted a very thorough investigation, resulting in sensitivity training for the entire faculty in that department and some fairly severe sanctions for one of the faculty members.The American Geophysical Union has a new policy that defines sexual harassment as scientific misconduct [link] A different take on this is provided by Jacquelyn Gill and paleoclimatologist Dr.Sarah Myhre in this podcast: #Me Too: The Harassment of Women Scientists Online – and Off.

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