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Still more casual talk about girls and the amount of make-up they wear but no game talk. She says she can’t sleep so instead of tossing and turning she came to the bathroom to lounge. Alex also gets up to go to the bathroom but her and Jessica don’t acknowledge each other. Cameras follow Matt and Alex as they head back to bed whispering about something. Paul leaves and Christmas is now in the Green room.

In the green room lights are out, and you can hear Alex saying I know you are trying to mess with me. Josh is now in the Apple room with the Green room crew. Kevin asks Christmas where she was and she says the DR.

Feeds switch back to the kitchen with Kevin and Josh joining back with the kitchen crew. Feeds are back with Cameras on Paul eating his sandwich.

Kevin, Josh, Alex and Paul are at the kitchen table eating having casual talk. She appears to be very sleepy and a few of the houseguest joke with her.

Josh starts to horse around again and Kevin tells him to calm down and Christmas says they are going to get in trouble. Feeds are back and the house guest are talking about production telling them to chill out. Paul is in the kitchen as well and Jessica tells him he is one of the reason why she can’t sleep jokingly. Paul says Nicole/Cory slept and ate sandwiches a lot, Frank and Bridgette would hang out by themselves and Big Meech would be terrorizing everyone.

f Paul Jokingly says they should have a food fight during the live show. Christmas says they had to pull Josh out because him and Jason were playing around too much.

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In the green room, lights are out with Alex, Jason, Kevin and Mark. Back in HOH, Josh, Elena and Paul are still having casual talk. She said if she was younger she was way more aggressive/reactive. Josh says being in the BB house he misses a lot of things.Feeds are back and Paul says last year they never had someone tell them please settle down. Cody and Jessica are now up and head to the bathroom.More talk about production and the feeds cut again. Paul says there is alot more bonding this season but last year was a lot of drama as they all head to the Apple Room.She talked about how her boss talked bad about her co-worker and realized that the boss could be talking about her badly as well which she didn’t realize.She said when she got her last job she could tell some things changed and shifted.

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