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In fact , soon , true european people in these lands will be disappear no??I have a question for central european people , are inter-ethnic marry are common in these lands??Named after the Marquis de Sade, a French author of the eighteenth century, whose works describe many sexual perversities.Amazon Echo is a hands-free speaker you control with your voice.A few years ago the French government clamped down on Romanian gypsy immigration to France because the gypsies were giving the Romanian people a very bad name, there were just too many of them here.The French government publicly stated that it did not want the Romanian people to be discredited because of the actions of Romanian gypsies on French soil Personally Romanian gypsies are the worst problems* I have faced, Albanians pakistanis are saints compared to them, I can not believe that this is the norm in the true Romanian people.Anyway, even if their immigration increases once Romania is in the EU, I don't want my country to be blamed for it, or to have more ignorant a$sholes saying that all Romanians are gypsies. Gypsies are a problem for governments because they are all on welfare.They steal and beg, sometimes they attack people, but whites have always considered them untermenschen and it will stay that way indefinitely, so, racially, they are not a big problem.

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Gypsies are a problem for governments because they are all on welfare.

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