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She finished her heat in sixth place (out of six) and did not qualify for the medal round.

For the second-straight Olympics, the 28-year-old was forced into the “small final,” which she won, earning seventh place in the competition. Jacobellis was a heavy favorite and was likely headed for a gold medal showdown with the Czech Republic’s Eva Samkova in the final.

Jacobellis caused a huge firestorm at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, when she fell during the final of the snowboard cross event when possessing a huge lead.

On the final jump before the finish line, Jacobellis grabbed the bottom of her snowboard to show off a bit.

Gumbo said among the war veterans who met Mujuru were former senior government bureacrats and diplomats who were now disgruntled with President Robert Mugabe’s rule.

A fortnight ago, government unleashed the police on war veterans during a planned demonstration in Harare.

I think that Microsoft’s X-Box 360 is moving in this direction. But other devices, such as the DVD player, Blu-Ray, CD players and even computers themselves will have their functions replaced by these black boxes.

Currently one can check facebook and twitter on it, as well as watch movies via Netflix and Zune. FM serves as a radio station, and music can be downloaded directly to the 360′s hard drive. But the changes will be gradual; they won’t disappear overnight.

Now it seems phones have become so complicated that the last thing a phone does is make a call.

Samkova was the best racer all day and earned the gold medal with a dominant performance in the final.

Canada’s Dominique Maltais finished second, France’s Chloe Trespeuch was third and American Fay Gulini finished fourth, just missing out on a medal after a close battle with Trespeuch for the final spot on the podium.

Meanwhile, Jacobellis will be left looking for answers after yet another disappointing Olympic performance.

She is an eight-time X-Games snowboard cross champion but just can’t seem to put it together in the Olympics.

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