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• wo Mm i nv u i* s o I , 1 I I COLONIST SPORTS SECOND ISEVi S SECTION (t, STABL18HED t|&t Tnplr aaimmmf aquad need . As aoon as the pla^its art well asiab- Itshed feed them one# a month with weak manure water Hy L II. there weren’t any women A hotel room obviously Bu Uwhere? A night stand at his elbow held the usual Oldeon Bible and a telephone The latter simplified matters He could settle everything at once by taking down the receiver and ask- ing where he was. In his pockets were the Ovtr Uod 'Jaap' Engine, (amed (or vear-to-aad-raar-out dapaodabiiirr.

4 cakee ^ CERTO CRYSTALS, pkt DAVID SPENCER LIMITED You'll Enjoy Choosing Sportswear at . Over this should be placed a layer or "lining." of burlap to prevent the soil from working through Soil for p'rrh baskets should consist of equal parts of sand, leaf-mold or humu* and rich garden loam Buch a soil will main moisture When planting the basket, firm the soil -ell about the roots so no settling or aashlng out will occur. And he’d believed herl Believed that yam she'd told him to rush him aboard at the last minute, when site knew he didn't have a Chinaman's chance of getting off again. Bilge kicked savagely at a bucket in his path and wandered on down the deck: away from the music and the hsavy odor of flowers Thank God. He hod come ashore yesterday It mast have been yesterday.

July 10 (i'T't — New Russian bars on the high* way exit from Berlin tonight all but marooned We»tem Allied nationals in the city. ke a from nom on would be permitted only on apecial permit, taiued by Nntouauuni batwren o A w the Sovieu They aald autciniublle. ing leak than tl M an hour and 1« He uid "There u no change of c^n G to thoae eanunf it or u Ur aituude regarding free — v^:.r more «4 a rejected recenii T bv tte lu Berlin. already had ve%rt IS wben the Ruuiani closed theltmanlmoualy for HTike action aut* road In the wage uf the currency i jecl to the diacretion o( the tmum . To avoid thia appearance, the Atdie prealdenta of Weatem Ger- many today drew up a counter pro-, poaai to preaent to AUled ofllciala The plan provide, for a Wc&t Oei-, man Government lu everyttdng but name. N received a kmg message from Egyp Uan Prime Minuter Mahmoud Fahmy Nokraahy Paaha declaring all hope for a peaceful aeltlement of the Pales tine problem h M “completely vanished " Nokraahy PMha said Zionist leaders, by thalr "treacheroua ex- ploitation of the truce and lack of respect for Its claiis M and rondl- have left the Egyptian French Strikes Still Pla^e v Seliumaii Rule Premier have shaken the Red world harderlnext amslon of Parliament early [uw». 8.50 , 'Wwrt \i Alpine Golf Skirt^Seli belt and handy pocket with rip- per fastening. Put in cleso, dry jar •• cover, cool and keep in ict box. is another Summer rock plant having sprayi of fine stem* radiating from a central tuft, smothered with small double deep pink bloomg. He had talked fast to get it for a quarter "Here— ' he said, slipping It over her bronze curls ‘ From me to you " She took It off, laughmg, and placed it around hu neck. "I’m not going any place You wear it Throw U to me after you get aboard if you want to. With a flip of his hand he pushed his white hat forward until ll rested precariously over his left eye He could come bock to this place If he wanted to.* He hadn’t intended shipping over again But It wouldn't be so bad, coming bock to a girl like that Bilge had Intended to ask the Junior Officer something, but for the life of him Ve couldn't think what It was Half way down the deck he remembered. “Sir,” he confidentially, "could I get that Utile parcel that came aboard for me**' There was no answering gnn on the Junior Officer's face. His exclamation caused a Britain’s Bill of Rights By OLANVILLE CAREW LORDON. Just recently, no leas s per- son Ihsi) the Lord Chief Justice of England rose and made an accusa- tion against no less a person th&n His Majesty's Secretary of Stat^ for the Hume Department: He charged him with breaking the law in that he had Infringed the pro- THE DAILY COLONIST. One kinufutaia all murderers who have been, or in future shall be. The Government Is engaged, under Par- liament, with a general overhaul- ing of our criminal law.

Y II, 1948 FORIV-EOIR PAGES Ki Lssians Claim British Violating Flvine Rules Over Soviet Zone Germans Ask Own 1 rizoniu Meat, Butter to Become Scarce If Walkout Occurs, Shipoers Sa I BERLIN. Tile Briush-American aciiun fol- DETROIT Juiyl O'#* Thccio lowed a Huaiian announcement that t'niied Auto Wurkert today - 4 we.ibtund Allied traffic out of Berlin k-r- '~ to t. deputy military fovemor, o*rr’P*V bcoat for thoae emptoye* earn* the telephone. area to protect them agauut being charged wl Ut “.putting Oennany." United . For (be ftr.t time AUenby’a victorioua campaign in 1917, the Hoi loldier. Men when he He u teen patting a amall detach- They want the Britain and Prance to modify their propoaal for a new government In Weatem Germany ao it will not ap- pear that they are pennanen Uy ai Ulng off Baatem Germany. mediator In find- ing this Mlution " I-ate today the U. 17.85 Self-Serve firocery Speeialt for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday •'Monarch” Cardigans of plain and napped Botany wool. ,, , Your Parcel Delivend Promptly to View Stroet or Brooghtoo Str MS Parking Loc TTmm apodal* Ava Ua M* to Chtrg* and CO. Coatoii Mr* Shopping fa TMa WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO LIMIT QUANTTTIBS # BRAN FLAKES. forming a mound of grey foliage with ruby red flowers, the size of a AO-ceni piece on six -Inch stems Its flowering perlrd Is from May to late Fall Tunica saxifrage fl pi. " i Mc Oura Hrwtp*r«r Sjetflcai*) ment later he came into sight, a gardenia Tel held triumphantly abo W his head. I Stumbling up the iangway Bilge found suddenly walking on air. All those flowers and that plaintive music and groups of people sajftng goodbye It Wnd of got you Bilge found wishing he hod someone to say griodbye to He’d Ilka tn buy some flowers A string of those sweet smelling white ones or something Suddenly Bllga fell his heart leap Into his throat. - Federal of prices because they fear to Im- Oovernment ministers pre- Pose restrictive measures after the diet a long period of Inflation people voted against them.

July I5-aidney vs Army A Navy Taxi at Central Park. k..ntli^ al regular fir prlcoo 887 psr M AT LXADaxr TXRB aan-rv . aaa aliani aa Mi Uon *04 Uaaooa pflaal I/WTt RFRIM wo ** raaoa B «•«* , f j r,ury,/.‘i^r urra^*5^? ^wt 1'* ai Aa/Iy »*ii4hi FUou* o wi » :a i Minimu M. OOOOCONW^I '*■*' » nm y.,,., purki'shed bliepi'.u ^^*lirr E-BHAMUED O't^OW TAYl OB ^ APBl J Bubda, I, V)R BALE WEAKER Plot YORK EP Aaa at ..a. Awapt asn arl T.'rr CHEN BTOVl -YYOOO ^ COAL rtaaona M# oflar r.anaina bar»aln f ISM I K pr.rtlral U na«. (3 convenience outlets lo- cated to serve all possible furniture ar- rangements.

Sidney, at Sidney: Army A Navy Taxi vi Eagle Ues, at Central Park. Bit-n Vaufl •“■**» ^ Wngtho Ws art •oiling tbssr _r__Z_ and vs And tbai vs art bondlt Bg%»srv ,mi r? Ill or_ effar Bbavs O MU ML Ik OVaix T RAM CCM Bt CTCXB— bl ^ ' es r fsas sendnkon. TVmilar Sff p OD BALD-IM1 WKt UXD AUTOCTCUL * onrelta M aowd UUm tl M. i Tlf Dt AII Y*.' i TTt 111 OOOO CUMDI' ia«a« Sr Ma tsn Mia«ia I A^aoaa^ | «RSAM CNAM«L FRONT F I AOT# CCM fyr y * Waunaal. alaa cari^ a M aau MMt eaatt ^^ROrl YOUR F1X« NATUB TO U _. ’ Ruc Kntncua ' Foad 9l ITia MAtaaa Tb* AU-Ui-OBa' Dq« Maal |47 ROOM \Sl) no AKl I |l«OIIUK Rn OM ROAl ID . IVORY Mehmanu Tamt ananaad tesil a^rk Whai _ A Olrl a Da/MBroan BRoaa tua I M ans CCM BICYCUI. • *hlra atvan arak» old Baimi Mt lllti l^andora Atanua Batin J. ‘‘'I maehlnt Plnt- U4 Cra J#nobti Road lafi BUaa aaa Pandora Pbana RAtla F^d? A good wiring system necessarily must include d» fixture oul- leu properly located for good general il- lumination.

He whiffed Kublak and Palmer and forced^Wil- aon to ground Into a force-out* ' KAh Py BREC/ES IN | The daylight future waa a braete ! 'Ihe A'p pecked away at Keith ’ Simon, who waa triing for hla Jiihi victory and took hla fifth aetback | Inatead. J victory cl iwat Saturday was ttrdered replaced by Ihe amuh C-ivlumbla Soccer Com- ml *:on. tying one and loalng alx ofi Vicionp , their 17 gamea against the W, I L'a ^ (wo top clubs, the A'a now tangle kptppra with the four Ui-place Vancouver 1^^ f'i; ICapllano H for a “olid week. First game w Ul start at 2 p m and the second ac 4 p m T ••• teams epl H a pair of game* at Ladysmith laat Sunday. Today there are maxiy well-designed and well-styled fixtures that meet th«T requirement* for good sight and good appearance.

^Loaera at leaat had the aat Ufac Uon of forcing Strange to uae three of hla ahoit-handed mound alaff. who took over from Conant m the aeventh, walked the flrat three men In the ninth and Lloyd Hittle waa called In. ' ing hu ahutout In the eighth when ; PVank Voipi poled one over the 1 fence. BImo'- p the aeml-Anal rnund of the Dornln* :nn ^--cer i-:.mpetit*on e r'lfyv 5. PROr ST TO PACE CAPA After gaining ground by winning ten. (00 0)4 i - ^ Victory moved the Tlmtrrmen 4 A full game ahead of the cind- .. _^r them no Wijrse than a lie sliould the ‘'Lrf'Tr Tlremen w Wi their renuilnlt K ‘-v... I t* fpi- ' Bluejackets opened the ~-'~rtng in l^tkpnpr'^^ Arxt Inning on twu walks, an I error and George KInrh'i alngle | T»ui» Army ar:d Navy Ve U will meet Ladysmith In an exhibition senior B' doubleh'‘ader at Central Park til* afternoon. that are purely decorative and not good light sources.

Pitcher B«»b Pirark waa traded lo Bremerton for Snag Moore, third baaemait. who waa with the Jacketa In 1946 It waa a straight trade deal and nc, money waa involved, aald Rlchardi ! Hla onlght announced Uie names of 18 time wa.4 15 41.8 ■d for tlw Don Bcott Mc Ewen. kept well on Salmond's heeli until j Ute Anal tap and then collapaed 125 I yard! He was I carried from the track Prom far back rame 8elwn Jones of Hamliton. to grab second Iplacr with a neat little sprint Paul Po*cw;f Toronto We=,t-Djd Y. vlndtno eisma each roand alrrar, mmalsts sub aenna and wrys tbam fairly to vtil Uisr leap sur I j, X3N BALI - ■ C A RAOIOt A 33“ AND • u *? ‘J* CVWdl WSCl IM IJd'a Oo Oat B’*ad BOim-Bt BTt WALNUT ri NIBM Bt DRf XIM f'J'B PUSR. care must be used to see that the fixtures selected provide a prescribed quantity for good vision.

Cs Take Matelies enaichee I04 0200CO-T JO ar PUUA-WHm \ omen’s Softball Seliedule Balance of the women's Senior *A ' eoftball Khedule and team standings In the Senior **A" and junior girls' sections follow ; MC'HEDLLC July 13— Adverts vs. Oosr pollabl Dg CRof Ut Ba M O im tton of 8a 1«*lr M.ds* 8BBOIUI YO(’ b m” rvmaapm anor Mym, Wis (vain ^ mw ,., 0 , — ^Bonora BOMl BXHYl CX-WDr DOYri, 1! f Vsora cloaao A gnu tty CXOAB B4R- All No I arvda and gpo FT XNIYT'HB nicroaofal than w bad farad I* bspa lor 19^0 r/ ■ hii. O 78U vssk avma * / KMi MCRTUL tfsy TOfk CTCLX BID* ' ror bee ond rrioau ropif Utks. I or 3PM Orahoni LVIR B4IR-10M INDIAH RCOOT A X tgm boad Ubnro, ssm R ma Ma B ncf UM fill 831 TMv Pareat nflw AJP . Vm BALD-JAMBD AUTOCTCUL Mi m t«wd foardiimn Bbans B TTTf p CMI BALR- RUOOR AUTDCTCUl ” BMhans Afo urn X^TOR RALD -INin AR -Tr' MDTOWCTOL^ 8 I 8 P owner tmskng 87Y Mlil H^ RL LWk ANra RAKVBTT Acrroe TCLR. IIM av naa/Mt wn«r wnadmwi PImm o rm rb4ma O i I71 A VARIETY OF CONVERTOS / ^OMBINAn OH KACTRU. * I HCMBIRB FURJer TUai f I »NUEB WOOD TYPEWRl Tt B 'u : INCH ' ^ 04011 ^ *,7^'** ” **'=’*^ , I * Jl***‘**“* •»»•» aia* IB DM BALE — EITCHEN TABLE. VD a Vl ABtli IJRIOHI a UNKV ROCMt ipa'a JHPir UV 4* ri*a mmuiai troi B (o»n •Mtueia 'wr •orkin# #*r! Through the wiring flow* the^ eleclrictiy which lights the tamps and fixtures and operatea your appliances.

Msvm LVJR Sf ODKXn COfr BTNOCn ON 0BB|V**‘* ~ ~ vr\M (i • BUTTON Ba OIG BBl^ Tbs Bm I la Ousronisod Mairria U i eanerycs and pom W jeorto blacaa tar I i g D\ 8 UGITT BROWN RAI1HI8 TWXn St T 50 ' * caodiumi B MTI BIOS s*sry orrhi’srturaj rso'ilrvmsni Inaotrs' l HKD RAnioa vz.r.z K.-H'S ,-c“r., Va.'t;*.;: .'f- si, A*“Ssir..? i..'::: 2 * V- «"“■ ‘X"‘.;'r .r-'L’ 88 Bm el WUf LABTOWK |7 Ol sf BBBr D LADIXR COATH BUR IWI8 MANS L.? Brt KDOW WARHINO FLAT 81 4h ond fvi 84 81 with a oslav- 2 MIL s Ma 38 Aarmoasaabla pftor u J2 «2.« ' Dopartmaht, Ird flsar ^dam a L. Ovr sip Slims Bl boo boon laorv ADWTHAL CONSOLx'radwor VY avlat poolubg. UOTR Ntw wmi AOC^ •vri M BMII Spvdoy from II aalotk. , TOR 8ALB - MM JAkf BI As tpxo Bimno B I7M i Bwra cc'kf ktc Tci A 1 AVioc Tcta oooo'co^ - * ^ gvc6 UT«*. VM RAU -CRRAM K^AMCL Bt AVRR- A^W^^S^^^A it““* \V'A*rr R&-OM and board wanii d I ADY-a UABTvna J- t RAUB - BILXHT - PLAMI ’^'1 «”«* a«? Each element should receive your personal at- tention The wiring compares with the veins end arteries of your body.

488 OOROR ROAD BBOWB B 111 B LOUIS "Roofing- DOUBLE PROTECTION Bpn Oaocp Naao or HEAT SEAL INSULATION 4 HOOEING 1AN08 BOR RBHT OT vivyr- w R i TTf, RMOok Wscao evnota UBg at tain bsd» buraau I Brtta Bbono O Ils P realty vuh firs pfovoro ond lorfs olo'» — - - — — — a!!? f’“» tirro Ur mirmr ni|hi lohla bouch s JTBInwat ORAb O BIANO Il M BNONB Bok whiu — nphaiairrod ip rtnpod moioriol Rofu U* • •••■' Bond af^ ^ht Nli Skk OVIA yc ^VIUUAMB NBW RCALB FIANO' WITfl Ctoco Kid S310.75 " bsneli, ll M O TPM I Art-BABB Rn RNBR BIANO Ar VOHol D OAK BKDHOOH Bl'IIB — Are I XU un prrfsi t ronditinn 1171 Aptal- Boat 00 abpa O'msnoonsd iwis ouna plea*, jigbt oak com. B2342 Pnasd to mao( aserv WMgai Oaa kfoe Dsn- old's Boar 40 Bor BMa. Right at this moment your head la prob- ably buzzing with details about construc- tion. Much of the charm, liveableness and -■♦afety of your new home will depend upon l U llghung You waxit to select fixtures and lamps that harmonize with your fur- niture and decorations.

forvotaa booung llvpairs BRINTINO AND OUFU/ATUKl t voorau osrylrs Bovklsto ma. BATIOR VTC URRI ONM) BMl OOHRTRUerm OONBULTATION BN RTMai S EDWARDS BRRR. A R or k M Ugn al aad LAAdacapa Arddkoal USED VALUES l Asgs and «*stptaod sinsko of ail b UMtog STEWART & HUDSON LTD. in bswo rurntiurv Wash staad «miv Ad M eta “““ — — HIM PBR BQUARX TARO rurntiurv Wooh stud wmsdae eio ifror. TB PHTBABATtn* B ““o 1L*R* BNt BAHID BOB TNNBBl'Tio B by guad Sad sftglrusrt CPnlrast Bbons B 8143 CABt NBT WOBN r *"‘0BT Be Mwa Rarwaa Warv Gnamnanni C^vay Two Owrata noaaad mmf Rannl M aad rorwoia Inainllod nnd RMaiw M . aj M Car#i B f iatara rad \i cad i* aa U Tradaa and Tiiina ^• ‘•_n»**a» B«rtnr tut Ptiana B 11)4.1 J— XTICB FAWCETT ETOVR-HIOR OVEHi „ -A pari ananal Pbana o »74 | ,«t j Jii ri HONI JIM'B STOVE STORE IF TOO! ' aao 4M Cd Mwlbal Road Aaramm l.'OCR - 1 laviua -.brnce pran. H •• Let There Be Light the Home T HIB new home you are about to buy or build is Just about the most Im- portant thing you ever bought You want to be sure that It contains every neoeaslty and convenience you can afford. Too many people overlook the lighting plan un UI their home U finished Then they often find changes be made to give them proper lighting.

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