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Cons: Can be immature, poor diet, jealous, lazy if you get the wrong one, enjoy gambling if you get the wrong one, you will be expected to support her parents.

One of the biggest pros about Filipinas is that they are easy to get along with, laid back, easygoing, harmonious in nature, etc.

Double Your Dating is an e-book written by David De Angelo.

Once you start to cultivate these qualities yourself, you might find women starting to look at you differently.

These days it's definitely not easy for a guy to find dating advice that works.

Several years ago, he made the decision in his life to do whatever it takes to get this whole "dating" thing down, no matter what the cost.

However, they are shameless, do not have morals as we understand them (even if they are Catholic), do not believe that lying is wrong so will lie frivolously (with no regard for damaging their credibility), and think nothing of squandering your resources to help their family, which if poor is not usually self-sufficient or here is my input Pro's: - Very nuturing and family oriented.- Puts you first - knows how to cook and clean - thinks of others before they think of themselves - Takes care of themselves, always takes the time to look nice and smell good for you - Takes pride in caring for their man, so much so they even like it and brag about it - Returns any kindness you show them 10X, very appreciative - Loves to have sex if they are into you, its not a chore to them Con's: - Can be overly family oriented to the point of obsession and annoyance - Can be extreemly religious - Sometimes comes off as needy and clingy - Can be overly jelious and protective of you - Can be set in their ways and impossible to change (like talking to a brick wall) - Can be overly self concious of how others view your relationship and way of living - Sometimes competes with their friends / family when it comes to "status" always trying to 1 up them..The new mom and dad didn’t share photos of their son right away, but, instead, tried to give themselves a little privacy before letting the world into their lives.“So this past month and a half, we’ve tried to keep Shai for ourselves, like our little secret that only we get to enjoy — but babies aren’t secrets, and keeping him hidden away forever isn’t realistic or healthy.He asked around and found more and more of these naturals, and sat down and picked their brains for every last piece of information he could dig up.He was surprised to find that many of these guys weren't rich or handsome.

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