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These are just a few examples of the champions in our community who will be implementing Vision 2020 in the years to come.

Our job in the Office of Sustainability is to make the lives of these champions easier – to connect them to one another, to confirm them in the notion that they are part of a larger movement, to help them in finding inspiration and resources for their projects, to help them keep track of their progress, to help them connect to the community…

Our team must lead by example and be the change that we want to see at Mc Gill, be it in creating an inclusive work environment, democratizing decision making within our office, reducing our environmental footprint, etc…Since November our team has been reflecting on how we might best achieve this.On the basis of this reflection, we have decided to organize our activities according to 6 functions, as illustrated in the diagram below. As is the case with many other organizations working on sustainability, the Oo S and its networks are somewhat shackled by a bias towards environmentalism.We view sustainability as a process (rather than an endpoint), in which a community works together towards a shared vision.Hence the importance that our team has placed on community involvement in the development of Vision 2020: we feel that Mc Gill needs a sustainability strategy that is as firmly rooted in Mc Gill perspectives and context as possible.

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