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The name Jour is perfect and the refillable bottle is very elegant, even if I would have loved the cap to be more balanced with the rest of the design, like the one of the pure perfume.

In case you like this scent but is seems too expensive, there is a perfume from the Italian house L'Erbolario called Osmanthus that is 90% identical and extremely affordable.

But definitely not with the projection and I love a strong perfume! I have a 100 mils of this that I have to use but I end up spraying so much A expensive purchase!

This is the best perfume I have smelt in a while, really unusual differently completely.

I had to laugh inside of me because I think that Mademoiselle has a similar dry down but it is louder, scratchier and overwhelming at the point of being almost unbearable whereas Jour is a smooth operator with low to moderate silage but exceptional longevity.

I remember when it came out some parfumista where disappointed because it wasn't something really groundbreaking, but I really liked it because I love all Jean-Claude Ellena's scents, especially the Jardin series, and I missed something very similar, only more explicitly feminine, a sort of Jardin de Femme, for those days when you want the freshness of the Jardin fragrances but also want to feel exquisitely feminine. I love the citruses that make it refreshing, luminous and sparkling, I love the delicate white flowers that make it creamy, feminine, elegant, and I love the mysterious woods and spices that make it so exotic, so unmistakably Hermes.

This is just going to show how different people smell things differently. It has an air of clean, fresh water and lightly soapy florals.

There is a strong bug spray smell in the top note of this. I know it’s got to be me and that I perceive something differently than what others are smelling. When Chanel Gabrielle debuted, many people mentioned how much it imitated Jour d'Hermès.

I’m even tempted to go so far as to call it a subtle modern masterpiece.

Those for whom things must be spoken but not shouted, yet their message is equally strong.

A quiet, but nevertheless complex and beautiful scent where the lemon and sweet pea, familiar Jean-Claude Ellena's favourites, play along with the gardenia, making it peppery and almost rocket salad-like.

First of all - I hate the bottle, but I adore the perfume. I feel mainly white flowers and gardenia, but also the slight flavor of citrus.

Perfume is wonderful for spring - when trees emit the same freshness and beauty. It's light, crisp and doesn't project beyond one's personal space.

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