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Try the flimsy door handle on a Logan MCV and you will be transported back to a time when shell suits were cool. It’s not the three-cylinder engine that’s the problem, but the driving position, which consists of a seat with all the support of a Government minister in a time of crisis and a total absence of anywhere to rest your left foot when it’s not boucing up and down on the clutch pedal.The brakes snatch and the gearbox is also pretty dreadful by modern standards, with a long, vague throw and a notchiness long since eradicated by rivals (although you could argue that at this end of the market the MCV doesn't have any real rivals).Maybe, just maybe your initial assessment was a bit too stern, you think, as you come to a stop and climb out.

The steering is slow and there’s lots of roll, but because the movements are all so pronounced you’re never left in any doubt what the Dacia is doing or how close to its limits you are (quite, is probably the answer).

The number plate and the odometer both suggest that it’s a new car, but nowhere else does this utititarian vehicle, which is the latest product of Renault’s Romanian budget brand, say that it is anything other than a very old design.

Indeed, its crudeness of styling, fit and finish serve as welcome reminders of just how good modern cars have become; how handsome and svelte their bodies are, and with what precision their components move.

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