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As best I can sort through my own muddled and messy thoughts, I think there are three things that really bother me about the worship music in many Evangelical Christian churches today:1. It’s not just that most of the lyrics are simple — as in easy to understand. I’m left deciding whether to waive my i Phone and buy the t-shirt or just shut up and go home. You certainly put a lot of work into doing that for me each Sunday.If you’ve had a particularly bad or good experience, you may want to fill out the customer feedback form.The form is designed to connect your feedback with the location where you were served.

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Today, the Colonel’s secret recipe is still a secret and the company is still going strong.

But even then, it’s a remix that requires melodic jujitsu to keep up with the quicker pace and fancier chord progressions. Some readers will laugh, others will cry with empathy, while others will try to burn it – perhaps not the wisest thing to do with an e-book, but so long as they don’t use any four-letter words, I suppose it’s all good.

One distinguishing mark of the worship music of centuries past is that it generally focused more on content than today’s simplisitc style.

Customers can call anytime to talk about their visit to KFC. There is also contact information for various departments for customer service purposes.

KFC is socially ready – there is a Twitter page and Facebook page for customers who want to keep in the know and gain access to great food offers.

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