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So, I keep refurbishing those 30 Pict-1s and loving them.RIMCO in California will bush the throttle shaft orifice with bronze or brass--the bronze is certainly the better of the two.

He also opted for US spec bumpers to avoid any undue knocks from the larger higher bumpers that were appearing on other cars of the time.

So, let’s have a look at the features of this one year car and look into this statement to find some solid reasons for this accolade.

The body The aesthetic of the original beetle shape is still very much unchanged on the ’67, long bonnet, classic bumper position, small rear lights, sloping front lights (European models only) The rear deck lid is modestly simplified, it finally clears away the remaining W impression that the 66 still sported at the top of the lid, this harked back to the flowing lines of the split rear screen which had gone 14 years earlier.

This is because the larger fan requires more air than the stock decklid (no louvers) will allow to enter the engine compartment.

Usually people are installing decklid stand-offs or find either a genuine convertible decklid (very expensive) or a faux convertible decklid. In my lengthy experience (over 37 years) of driving, using the stock configuration ("skinny" shroud and stock "skinny" oil cooler) I never have had any over-heating issues or "vapor-locks".

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