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The focus is mainly on the Church in the British Isles and discussions cover a range of topics including pastoral and outreach work, church music and liturgical interests.'Episcopal Solitaries 'Membership to this list is restricted to canonically recognized Episcopal Solitaries, explorers interested in becoming a Solitary or who those who assist in the discernment process such as spiritual directors and clergy, etc.'Lay Anglicana 'The place to share news and views from the pews.The intention is for these discussions to centre on worship: to be ecclesiastical rather than theological.To join, send a blank email to the following address: [email protected] will receive an email asking you to confirm your subscription request; reply to that one and you're then subscribed.None of the automatic processing software that subscribes you to email lists (and unsubscribes you from them) can deal with mail in any format other than plain text, and most of the subscribers to such lists are displeased when people send list members messages in formats other than plain text.Anglican Women Circle Chat (AWCC) From June Maffin, the list owner: 'This mailing list is for Anglican women around the world to network, make connections, share resources, stories, opinions, dreams, frustrations, questions, prayer concerns; whatever is of interest to members'.Most of those gathered here are Anglicans, but that is not a requirement for belonging to the List.' The web site provides information about how to subscribe.

Christians on the Internet - COIN 'COIN hosts mailing lists that help Christians of all denominations to discuss a wide range of interests.

PLEASE NOTE: Many modern email systems have the ability to send "rich text" or "multimedia" or "MIME" or "formatted" email.

You must not use this to communicate with the various mailing list mechanisms.

These lists are focused around discussion of particular aspects of Anglican life and practice, or discussion from a particular theological perspective.

Membership is usually open to all interested persons, within the bounds set by the list organizers.

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