Texas dating garrett wyoming

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He pointed to hot springs puffing out white steam, an old homesteader’s cabin deep in a forest grove, and a mountain ridge with two towering rock cairns—so-called sheepherders’ monuments—built in the 19th century.

The ranch ends somewhere up in the Crazy Mountains, an island mountain range spanning 40 miles of the northern Rockies. Gordy, who presides over a Houston-based conglomerate of privately held partnerships that include energy, mineral and real-estate development businesses, bought his ranches through his family-owned Rock Creek Ranch limited partnership.

The son of a Houston policeman and an office cleaner, Mr.

Gordy traces his love for land back to his grandparents’ 40-acre farm in Louisiana, where he learned to hunt and fish.

His Wyoming ranch has grown from its original 50,000 acres, purchased in 1993 for million, to nearly 80,000 acres as he bought up neighboring ranches and parcels—at a total cost of million.

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The East Texas ranch has since expanded to about 8,000 acres, at a total cost of about million. Gordy, now negotiating for an additional 800 acres there, is transforming it into a quail plantation.

“We were so excited—it felt like it was just miles,” said Ms.

Gordy, a petite 65-year-old who works out with a punching bag.

After working his way through college with stints as a garbage collector, a truck-loader and a roustabout, Mr. In 1981, he co-founded a small gas and oil exploration company, then sold the majority of it in 1985, before oil prices collapsed.

“My grandfather used to say, ‘If you give anybody luck, s— will do for brains,’” he said. Gordy bought up more oil fields while prices were low, then expanded into coal-bed methane drilling and minerals exploration.

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