Updating xp to service pack 2

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However, the wide-reaching changes were jarring for some and led many users to forgo the essential updates that were packaged with the front-end changes.

Despite its issues, SP2 still remains one of the most important stages in XP's lifespan, which is winding to a close following the end of mainstream XP support in 2009.

And, as discussed in more detail below, pop-up blocking is now available, providing further protection against this form of annoying and occasionally malicious intrusion. There’s already been wide trade-press coverage of compatibility issues discovered—embarrassingly, rather late in the beta process—with Microsoft’s own CRM software and the popular Halo game.

Fortunately, these issues have already been resolved (see the products’ respective websites), as have a few other snags with third-party firewalls and other tools.

Introduction Proactive Protection Compatibility Improved Manageability Windows Firewall Blocking Pop-ups Internet Explorer Updates Wireless More new technologies How to Get SP2 For Further Reading There’s a lot of information elsewhere on Microsoft.com, highlighting the business benefits of Windows XP, the consumer benefits of SP2, the important security enhancements it contains, and so on.

But what seemed to be missing was an article written from the perspective of the IT pro, on what admins and, well, “non-casual” users should expect from this super-size (266 MB! This article looks at the changes in Windows XP SP2 that affect IT pros, and why we think you will find it a worthwhile update.

The overall attack surface area is significantly reduced, with changes to core Windows components such as DCOM and RPC.

Outlook Express, Internet Explorer and Windows Messenger have all been updated with the ability to identify and isolate malicious file attachments as they are being opened. Every IT pro knows it: there always seem to be a few unforeseen compatibility issues when service packs are deployed.

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There’s proactive protection aimed at users of more mainstream CPUs, too: Windows XP SP2 gets you all the bits for SP1, as well as all service bulletin updates through MS04-25.

firewall, anti virus or automatic updating being restricted or turned off).

This gave more control for the user and allowed greater management of these critical features.

In addition to the security-focused alterations, SP2 introduced a number of multimedia updates – including the Windows Media Player 9.

All the above is pretty good stuff – but there were major compatibility issues with existing software on SP2's release.

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